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  1. The Affordable Watch Forum
    I'm hoping anyone of you awesome guys can give me tips about my new purchase. I'm a beginner watch lover, and I'm currently looking for a watch that fit these requirements: * A minimum of 40mm because 38 and less just looks to small on me. * Hand wound watch, because I want that connection with...
  2. The Swiss Watch Forum
    Hello, I'm new to this site, but I thought I would post a short note. Just got my first high-end watch; a Breitling Navitimer World. As a professional pilot, this is pretty much my dream watch (I also considered the Cosmonaut and the Omega Speedmaster moon watch. The IWC Big Pilot Watch is...
  3. The Rolex Forum
    I am just wondering what is the best way to go when doing a private deal with a submariner, and you have the advance of having the watch in your hands. What would you look for as signs that the watch might be a fake. I know that the best way to check is also opening the case and looking at the...
1-3 of 3 Results