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  1. The Tag Heuer Forum
    I purchased a quartz Aquaracer in 2015 that I had for 5 years that I liked very much but I sold it recently to reinvest in an automatic Aquaracer. Just today I purchased a like new black Aquaracer with the caliber 5 ETA movement complete with the original box and accessories for $1,350. This...
  2. The Tag Heuer Forum
    Hi I'm looking to buy a luxury watch for my father. People speak about TAG not being as prestigious, why is this? What marks the different between TAG, Omega and Breitling from a reputation point of view? Thanks
  3. The Tag Heuer Forum
    Is there anyone in the forum that has experience and/or knowledge removing the outer rotating bezel. I am assuming it has the hexagon (or muli-gon) spring between the bezel and case as it ratchets when rotating. I have put light-pressure with a case splitter (between bottom of bezel and case)...
  4. The Swiss Watch Forum
    I have owned this watch for 20 years -(Tag Heuer WG111B). Today I went to set the time and correct the date and after turning the crown several times it stopped turning the hands of the watch or the date. I looked at the stem and it appears to be in one piece. The watch is not worth enough to...
  5. The Tag Heuer Forum
    TAG Heuer together with Brand Ambassador Li Yifeng unveils the new official referee board for Chinese Football Association Super League with the Carrera chronograph exteriors. Source News: TAG Heuer - New Official Referee Board for Chinese Super League | World Events | WorldTempus
  6. The Swiss Watch Forum
    I have a Tag Classic 2000 (966.006) all silver that my father-in-law wore for 30 years, he passed it down to me and I lost the Bezel. The part is not being made anymore and I have had very little luck trying to find it. Probably because I don't know much about watches. Any advise or direction...
  7. The Swiss Watch Forum
    I thought it was lost in my last move, and it was just hiding in a box! :) I really missed it! tag heuer 972.006
  8. The General Discussion Forum
    I just saw the new Tag Heuer for women today... I think i may get one for Mothers day for the wife. Has anyone seen any reviews on it?
  9. The General Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone- We just posted a new poll on our blog. Curious to hear your take: Which brand do you prefer? Breitling or Tag Heuer?
  10. The General Discussion Forum
    We're huge fans of the Tag Heuer Monaco Chronograph. But which one do you prefer - blue dial or black dial? Share your thoughts here or vote in our poll.
  11. The General Discussion Forum
    At eRelyx, we get annoyed when one of our watches gets scuffed or dinged. We wanted to test out a few easy, at home solutions. The results were amazing. While these results will not replace a full, professional buffing / polishing, they do the trick in most cases! Check out the results below...
  12. The General Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone! I'm completely new to this forum and hoping that you guys could provide some expert advice. I'm looking to purchase a watch for my fiance as my wedding gift to him and could really use some guidance on which brand (and model) is better. I've read several discussions that have said...
  13. The General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys. I recently bought a Tag Heuer Link Quartz Chrono as my fist high end perchase of a swiss watch. I was attracted to this watch because it looks cool and classy, and it is in the Bourne Series (one of my favorite movies). I know lots of official watch people don't like Tags or...
  14. The General Discussion Forum
    I was at costco picking up some food and stopped to check out the watches, here's some of the prices i found :w00t:
1-14 of 22 Results