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  1. The Swiss Watch Forum
    hi guys. I'm going to start my own design watch brand, swissmade. the design and everything is made but i dont know which swissmade manufactures that are good. I would be thankful for all the help!
  2. The General Discussion Forum
    This watch was handed down to me from my Grandparents. I have no idea when the watch was purchased. A google search and searching through various watch forums for "Rolma" also comes up with nothing. Is it possible the watch is an "Olma". Any information or leads would be greatly appreciated. I...
  3. The General Discussion Forum
    Hi guys, I made an account on this forum because I couldn't figure out what kind of watch this was. My father gave it to me recently. He said it was his father's brother's watch. On the front it says "Heritage" but I couldn't find any watches like this with that brand. Here's a link to...
1-3 of 6 Results