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  1. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    I just got my 1963 space view 214, and I have the hour and minute hands set correctly but my second hand is about 40 seconds behind my phones clock which I was trying to set it to. Is there any way to set the second hand, it just kept sweeping when adjusting the other hands.
  2. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    Hi all, hoping you can help me with a newb question. I have a pair of Spaceview T double cushions, but I'm pretty sure both of them have swapped movements. Is it true these should both have the gold-plated pillar plate? I've been trying to read through all the movement number posts on this...
  3. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    Hi, I am a new member and this is my first post. I have really taken an interest in the 214 Accutrons in the last year and have started a nice collection of mostly Spaceviews. I'm a Boomer myself and they remind of my childhood when I thought they were the coolest thing ever but could not...
  4. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    Hi there, with the link below you will find a collection of SpaceView close ups in 3D. To see the stereoscopic effect you will have to use red/cyan glasses. I hope you´ll like it.[email protected]/sets/72157625708605101/
  5. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    I must hesitantly tell my story because I feel that it needs to be told. But please understand, this is not a slander or rant. It is an unfortunate outcome regarding someone who has posted here in the past, and in my internet search led me here as a forum for these particular watches. Last...
  6. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    Gents, I am new to this forum and also new to accutrons. Actually in the process of paying $1700 for what I am told is a genuine B case yellow dot spaceview. I have done my research extensively and I am left with conflicting info from seller which seems very credible and knowledgeable. Any help...
  7. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    I am new here, and to introduce myself, I am a collector and an occasional tinkerer. I have two spaceviews in my collection, one of them recently aquired. This is a huge watch, it is the square shaped one with hidden lugs. My question is the inside of the case has a case number 2527 6/6 inked...
  8. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    My 1969 M9 with its new band. After a little modification, the band fit pretty good. It's still not correct for the watch, but it's a lot closer than the bullet band that came with it. If I can locate a couple of proper attachment links with wings, it'll be pretty, pretty, good.
  9. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    My husband had his deceased father's spaceview and loved it. It was stolen from his car in high school and he has always wanted to replace it. I purchased the 40th anniversary spaceview for $1k new in 2004....bought the twotone one since it most resembled his watch. Nothing but trouble. Sent it...
  10. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    I have my original 218 that I'm having cleaned & lubed. I want to keep that one original. I also picked up, floating on the Bay, three watches in a batch one of which is a 218 (2180 no day or date) and isshown herein. They were $35 and the other two are like new and the Pulsar is gorgeous...
  11. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    Any help with information on this watch would be appreciated since I'm new to this model. Marked Model: 3-496245, N3, which from what I've read indicates a 1973 model. Thanks!
  12. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    -:001_tt1: -- --- ---- What was included with the watch I won on eBay ----- ------ ------- The hands are not accurate to this model but still its very nice and runs. The battery's included are Renata 387S Silver 1.55V with spacer ring and a 394 Silver 1.55V. ?'s Is there a way to...
1-12 of 13 Results