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  1. The General Discussion Forum
    Hi there everyone, Being my first post, and thread on Watch Talk I thought it would be fitting to ask for info on the following topic. Who was the 'first' to achieve various feats in watchmaking (ie first company to use certain case materials, chornographs, GMT, tachymeter, self winding wrist...
  2. The General Discussion Forum
    Have another watch I've been having a bit of trouble finding any info on: An Audex Fortis Automatic - Performance 21 Jewels. On the back - All steel Swiss w 809 waterproof incabloc. Measures approximately 1 7/8" wide x 1 1/4" tall. Great little dress watch. I put a black lizard band on it...
  3. The General Discussion Forum
    Picked this up a while ago put it in the watch case and kinda forgot about it. Took it out this morning gave it a new band, two or three turns on the winder to get it going and it's been running like a champ all day. 12 and a half hours so far and keeping absolute perfect time. (If an old no...
1-3 of 3 Results