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  1. The Affordable Watch Forum
    I've found on the eBay this model of watch in different variations- the samples I've seen are all renovated and polished but seem to look really nice. Can you please tell me what does this watch really worth and does it have any resell value?(the price on the website was 68-79-Euro) Thank you so...
  2. The General Discussion Forum
    greetings ....looking to get insight / feedback on my watch collection ....I have gone Rolex and will now be singular Rolex-only .....I want to sell my entire current fleet, see pics ....ranging from really nice auto (LIV tank, late 50s early 60s Omega Seamaster reface, Seiko 5 Sports) .....a...
  3. The General Discussion Forum
    Hello, I am a new member here, and unfortunately my first post is going to be a very sad one. My late grandfather have passed on to me a beautiful, beautiful 70s Seiko 5 (pictures below). I have recently been involved in a motorcycle accident, during which the watch got completely wrecked (I...
  4. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    my two seiko 5s. the blue one is slightly larger than the beige: not expensive at all at about $70 each, but they look great and get a lot of wrist time :) i like the glass backs and the webbed straps.
1-4 of 4 Results