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  1. The Affordable Watch Forum
    I've seen a couple vintage Russian watches on e-bay lately and I like the look of them. Most of them say "Pobeda" and from what I can tell that is not necessarily a manufacturer. I've searched this forum but haven't found much. Can anyone give me some insight or point me towards info on Russian...
  2. The Invicta Forum
    Hello, Does anyone know how much a Russian Pro Diver 5857 would cost? I'd like to buy one but don't know what the used going rate is and searching through ebay and amazon didn't give me any help. If you have some links to pricing that would be very helpful. thanks.
  3. The General Discussion Forum
    Well, I wanted a quality watch, and was thinking about a Forits, but I could not pay over $1000 for a timepiece. So I went Russian! I bought the 42mm first then wanted a more chunky, larger watch, I then purchased the 45mm Aviator. Here is a photo of my watches! Anyone get other Russian...
1-3 of 3 Results