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    Hey there, Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm looking at a possible purchase - I have a handful of sport watches but am looking for a watch for my wedding. After looking at tons of vintage Omegas, IWCs, and others I stumbled upon a Rolex Precision in yellow gold. I've been told it's...
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    Hi! Rolex Cellini Ref.50509 it has been added to my collection.
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    Hi guys, I was wondering what your thoughts on the best Rolex-models for collectors are? Which Rolexes will get more valuable by the years to come and were you can buy legit vintage rolexes? Best regards, Parkinson
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    An impulse buy but no regrets...I recently bought a stunning 1920's gents solid silver, full-size cushion case watch. I decided to have it serviced, by a specialist vintage ARD, so now it is eminently wearable, keeping good time, has a two-year guarantee, and of course,is looking marvellous! The...
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    I've recently been clearing the estate of a late relative, and come across (amongst a rather sizeable watch collection) a Rolex watch--for the sake of working out the value of it, insuring, and making sure that it's recorded with his belongings, I wonder if anyone can ID the year, or model type...
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    Never bought before, don't know if I can buy one before finish my life... ANyone tell me how much is the cheapest one?
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    Wow, some very cool vintage Rolex watches. Did you all see this cool story that ran last week at Finders Keepers: Paul Altieri’s Tiffany Subs | watch patina ? he did 3 articles and all the watches were amazing. there is a GMT Blueberry that is quite stunning. check it out. LP
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    Hi all! My very first blog post... I'll try and be brief :) So, I'm just back from Lisbon in Portugal, after a dangerously boozy lunch (don't shop drunk kids) and enticed by a lovely looking watch in a jewelers window, I purchased my first ever Rolex. As it came without papers, or anyone who...
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    Where can I find Rolex watch at reasonable Prices?? Can any one recommend???
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    Hi everyone, I need advice on choosing between the Rolex 116613 ceramic 18k/SS submariner and Rolex 16610 SUBMARINER. This will be my first watch and I am hoping to be wearing it daily. I just graduated from university and this watch will be important to me. I will not be selling it in the...
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    Has anyone see the new Rolex models that came out? Anyone know anything about them? I found the above image on Bob's Watches website. Looks like the GMT bezel has received an upgrade!
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    Hi Everyone I'm just wondering what is you favourite Zenith watch costing no more than 6k and why? Photo's welcome :) Thanks Jordan
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    I was interested in purchasing a 1930's Rolex and was hoping for some advice on where to purchase one. I have looked at the main London stores but also have seen a website called They have a number of watches which seem very interesting and also much cheaper than...
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    STEINHART Ocean 44 GMT This is a great looking watch built in a rather rigid way. The watch was bought brand new specifically for this particular project. No bead blasting or further refinishing has been done so to preserve its original look and feel for the curve. It incorporates several...
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    I am trying to get info on my Women's Rolex Perpetual DateJust I inherited. All gold 18k band. I specifically am wondering what the watch may go for on the market. Thanks for all your help.
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    My dad has a Rolex Oyster Perpetual that my grandfather (his father) got in Switzerland back in 1959. I'd post pics, but it's really nothing out of the ordinary - just your run-of-the-mill Oyster Perpetual with a stainless case and band. I found out that I'm getting that Rolex when Dad passes...
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    I have a woman's 1989 Oyster Datejust It was a perfectly nice gold and SS simple watch The only bling was the small diamonds on the dial A few years ago when gold was still cheap, my husband bought me a 18k gold (Rolex) band and a almost 2 carat diamond bezel.. What a mistake... I sold the...
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    ROLEX COSOMOGRAPH DAYTONA Watch Description: Gents Stainless Steel Rolex Cosomograph Daytona Watch With White Dial. Automatic Chronograph Movement. 40mm Case. Oysterlock Bracelet. Graduated Engraved Tachymeter Bezel. Waterproof To 100 Meters/330 Feet. G serial number. Model Reference 116520...
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    Hi Guys and Girls Every so often I offer the chance to obtain a bargain which is passed on by various dealers etc I have been offered x6 Rolex Watch winders for a reduced price of £430. The items are new and boxed Guaranteed Fully Authentic. The same item from one of my friendly AD's...
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    Rolex Explorer I. Reference 114270. Stainless steel case and bracelet. 36mm. Black dial. Automatic movement. K serial number - circa 2002. Excellent condition with box, papers, and both hang tags. Asking $4,099. Click here for more details.