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    Sup WatchTalk forums, I wrote a review of my Tisell Flieger a few days ago and posted it on r/watches and a couple of other forums, then thought I might as well contribute here too. As a preface, I’ve had the Tisell 40mm Flieger in my collection for about 7 months now, during which it has...
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    My video review for Trintec Zulu-7 Pro Aviators Watch.
  3. The Invicta Forum
    There is something special about the relationship between an automatic watch and it's wearer. It's difficult to explain, but after having owned the 8926 for six months now wearing regular quartz watches just doesn't feel as satisfying. Maybe it's the way it makes you think about the motion of...
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    Nice Box I received the Invicta 1453 in a yellow pleather box that would be identical to a Rolex box if it was green or contained anything approaching quality. Instead it contained a heavy, gaudy, battery-powered chronograh with unreliable pushers, questionable materials, and a dial designed...