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    Hi, I'm a new owner of a vintage RADO model. I'm searchin web for something special, I'd like to know if someone knows wether RADO is going to celebrate its 100 years anniversary with a special model. On the web I've found only this webpage Thanks
  2. The Swiss Vintage Forum
    Hi, my grandpa gave me his old Rado watch. Since i've started a small watch collection (still really new to watches) and I can't find anything on this watch. Which makes me wonder if it's real or not...I've asked on some other major watch forums and no one knows. What I can read on it is...
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    I shall respond to the first serious inquiry with all specifications & details. Automatic, 100% Stainless steel case- mirror polished. Original Leather padded Gift box. This one is ready to gift. Unworn- tested for about 1 day. runs fine - not timed. $155 + postage worldwide