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  1. The *Official* LÜM-TEC FORUM
    here is my M62 on blue rubber...liking the look for the summer months here in chicago :biggrin:
  2. The *Official* LÜM-TEC FORUM
    does Lum-Tec make a black PVD model with a GMT or 24hr function AND an exhibition caseback? i hate to be the noob that doesn't read through all the posts before asking a question, but work doesn't give me a lot of time for perusing, and i know one of you will know right off the top of ur...
  3. The *Official* LÜM-TEC FORUM
    My Combat B2 just celebrated it's 1 year anniversary. My Seiko hasn't seen the light of day since I got my LT in the mail... These Sony Noise-Cancelling Headphones look and sound great. Better looking and comparable sound features to the Bose and better sound quality than the Monster Beats.
  4. The *Official* LÜM-TEC FORUM
    My Combat B2 on an after-market PVD Bracelet and iPhone 4. They both light up at night...
  5. The *Official* LÜM-TEC FORUM
    Wrist shot of my Combat B2 on Black PVD Band. It's been a while, time to share for the holidays! Everyone post their wrist shots!
  6. The *Official* LÜM-TEC FORUM
    Does anyone know where I can get a rubber strap with a PVD buckle? Thanks, dmg
  7. The *Official* LÜM-TEC FORUM
    My Lum-Tec Combat B2 with After-Market Titanium Black Bracelet LET'S SEE YOUR FAVORITE LUM-TEC!
  8. The *Official* LÜM-TEC FORUM
    Just a few quick shots: Papaya drink, all beef frankfurters and a watch with the works! Combat B2 and my Earthkeepers Wrist Shot
  9. The *Official* LÜM-TEC FORUM
    Lum Tec Combat B2 w/ Stainless Steel MATTE TITANIUM BLACK BRACELET (PICS) Just got a brand-spanking new Black Matte Titanium Stainless Steel Bracelet for my Lum-Tec Combat B2. Amazing looking finish complements the PVD finish. Looks like it was made for this watch. Hefty weight and solid...
  10. The Invicta Forum
    Hopefully I will post pictures by Wednesday, when I'm back home. I have read, and read all types of things regarding this watch, some saying it's a beautiful piece that they want, others that it's just nice but that for U$ 900- U$ 1,000, you would be better off buying another piece...
1-10 of 10 Results