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  1. The Patek Philippe Forum
    I have a PP pocket watch family heirloom given to me by my father and handed down from my great grandfather. PP of Geneva says they sold the watch on July 29, 1873, but they say no more about who purchased it. I wonder if anyone knows how I might go about researching the path the watch took up...
  2. The General Discussion Forum
    This is an old Molnija pocket watch my grandfather left me. It's from the CCCR and it must be older than 60 years. It has a winding mechanism but it's unfortunately broken and I have to take it to repair. It stopped working a couple of years ago after a big fall, the winging crown turns and...
  3. New Member Introductions and Beginners Watch Forum
    Hi there, This is my second watch thread in what may become a "series" on different types of dollar watch movements in the small collection I have acquired over the last month. My apologies if some of the technical terms are clunky or wrong, the only watch repair book I have thus far is really...
1-3 of 3 Results