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  1. The Swiss Vintage Forum
    I work for a jeweler that deals in Vintage estates. We recently acquired a piece and are having a very hard time finding anything on it. Any help or direction would be AMAZING! Thanks! Turn of the Century, Swiss made, 18K Yellow Gold, Minute Repeater, No Face Plate, No extra markings on the...
  2. The General Discussion Forum
    I have an all gold pocket watch which belonged to my grandfather. My aunt told me even the inside is gold. It has to be over 50 years old, perhaps closer to 100 years old. I thought I lost it for the last 10 years, but it finally was found in an old shoe box! I can't find any markings on it...
  3. New Member Introductions and Beginners Watch Forum
    Hello i'm new here so if i'm doing this wrong just let me know lol but i was just wondering it this Elgin looks like the real deal and if so is it worth the cost? I'm looking for something for my girlfriend for Christmas and this caught my eye! Thanks and God Bless. Pocketwatcher Antique Pocket...
  4. The Android Forum
    Enforcer Mechanical Pocket Watch 50mm stainless steel case Come in Blue, Purple, and Black Seagull TY3600 Mechanical movement Comes with 15in stainless steel chain and black leather case
  5. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    Hello all, I recently had a pocket watch passed down to me. As the new steward of this heirloom I would like to learn as much as possible about the watch. What I do know: The case, dial and movement are marked "M. S. Smith & Co., Detroit It is a hunter case (front cover was removed for...
  6. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    Hey folks! I have a 1911 Hamilton Size 16 Railroad Pocket Watch. 972L Grade. # 1,322,820. It has a beautiful Montgomery face and is overall in excellent condition, except that it needs a mainspring, a couple of case screws and a minute hand. I found a mainspring, but am still missing the...
  7. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    Hello. I have researched the internet and other websites but cannot find how to remove the stem from my New England "dollar" pocket watch. With my Westclox pocket watch, you pull up a pin to release the stem. I can't figure out how to accomplish this on the New England watch. I would appreciate...
  8. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    I have a near mint Hamilton 937 SN 139671 pocket watch that appears to be from about 1902. I don't know anything about the 937. Can anyone tell me anything about them or about this watch in particular?
  9. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    i have posted 3 pictures to an album and 3 to the Vintage Pocketwatch Group. contact me at if you can help me, or on here as well. THANKYOU!
  10. The Omega Forum
    I have recently acquired an Omega pocket watch. It is now at a watchmaker for repairs, but I am trying to find out more about it, but am having problems finding information on the Net. Does anybody know of good sites with Omega pocket watches?
  11. The General Discussion Forum
    Hello, Anybody has any information about this pocket watch? The movement serial number is 1251580, Lady Hamilton, Lancaster PA. The case is a Keystone, 25 yrs warranty (?) Photos attached below. thank you! mati
  12. The General Discussion Forum
    I've never been very happy with wrist watches; my hobbies require free wrist movement, and now that I'm getting into building electronics, I don't have a watch on 90% of the time anyways. I've been using my clunky old cell phone as a temporary timekeeping device, but I'd like something a bit...
1-12 of 14 Results