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  1. The Patek Philippe Forum
    Hi - sorry to ask everyone but would like to verify the authenticity of this watch - is this a genuine Patek Philippe ref 3410? Have attached some photos here. Grateful for any feedback / comments. Thanks and appreciate the help!
  2. The Patek Philippe Forum
    I recently came into ownership of this Patek Philippe watch, which after much online research, I believe is the 5053J model. However, after a recent servicing the model which Patek Philippe wrote it down as was "Gentleman Officer's Strap Watch". I am confused, because it looks exactly like the...
  3. The Patek Philippe Forum
    I am looking to purchase a Patek Philippe Jumbo Nautilus but I can't decide between the gold version (which is cheaper?) or the steel version: My wife said that gold is making a comeback fashion wise but I am more interested in the investment potential although I plan to wear the watch not...
1-3 of 3 Results