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  1. The Rolex Forum
    While searching the net i came accross this great forum. Thank you all guys for the great info...especially Arthur Always been a fan of rolex brand. I currently own an explorer II and this vintage oyster perpetual. I dont really know much about it, only that i have inherited it from my grand...
  2. The Rolex Forum
    Trying to find out any ifnormation about the following old Tudor Oyster watch, which I believe is an early Rolex?? It looks like someone has tried getting the back off without success (due to the marks on the back!!) ANyone know what year this could be and what the approximate value is?>? I...
  3. The Rolex Forum
    I have a really old Rolex, under the name of Solar Aqua King-of-Wings. It's really beaten up, but still has the original strap. I've heard that these are WW2 era watches, and I'm wondering what an engraving on the back might mean. All it is are the numbers 365075. Could these have any link with...
1-3 of 4 Results