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  1. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    Here's a link to our review on the Orient Pro Saturation Diver. Hope you enjoy... Orient Pro Saturation Diver CFD0C001B « AZ Fine Time Blog
  2. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    I finally got my first Orient! :w00t: It's the Executive Millennium. I am smitten with this watch; it just arrived and I haven't been able to put it down...even though I the bracelet is too big and I'm going to put a leather strap on this bad boy. :001_wub: Sorry for not cleaning up the...
  3. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    Love both of the brands, and they are both true manufacturers. To my eye, Seiko is always a little more classic & reserved in style compared to Orient, and I enjoy owning different models from each brand. I don't see how either one could be bad. However, I'm not a diver watch guy, & maybe...
1-3 of 3 Results