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  1. The General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, I made a video with my personal Top 100 Luxury Watches. I've put a lot of effort in this video (searching, editing, ranking and gathering fun facts about the watches). I am very curious about your opinion! Did I miss some really nice watches? I think it covers most great watches! Let...
  2. The Omega Forum
    I have recently acquired this omega watch, and I really like it, however it has been pointed out to me that it's missing a bezel. I am not a collector, so I am just wondering if it is an incomplete watch or it was designed this way due to it being a field watch. If it makes a difference, the...
  3. Omega Resource & Information Archive
    Hi I'm having a problem with my 20 year old seamaster professional 300 I've noticed that the hour hand advance function on 1st click of crown has stopped working any ideas? All suggestions are welcome Thanks
  4. The General Discussion Forum
    Hello-If you guys had ~$10k to spend on a watch, which of the below would you say stands out the most (I like all of them aesthically). In terms of intricacies and complications, I believe they’re all comparable: 1. JLC master ultra thin moon 2. JLC master control calendar 3. Omega speed master...
  5. Omega Planet Ocean half link installed

    Omega Planet Ocean 600M Co‑Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph 45.5 mm half link installed for better fitting
  6. The Omega Forum
    Hi! New to watch collecting and I'm looking to buy my first Automatic Omega. Not sure the date of the watch but I am told the movement is Cal 1012. Thinking it is from the 70's Just wondering if this is a good buy at $330 USD, I've included all the pictures provided to me, so if anyone can...
  7. The General Discussion Forum
    I have not always been a fan of Brietling but with this comparison I think they might be growing on me. Omega is a strong company and I have always been a huge fan of their Speedmaster collection, but that is why I give so much praise to the Superocean right now. It has such a simplified dial...
  8. New Member Introductions and Beginners Watch Forum
    Hi all, I’ve just purchased my first vintage OMEGA with a 131.250 model with a cal.601 movement I’m trying to see what I can do to get it to it’s best without compromising the integrity. I’ve ordered a buckle that will match the year (plated), but am thinking maybe restoring or replacing the...
  9. The Tag Heuer Forum
    Hi I'm looking to buy a luxury watch for my father. People speak about TAG not being as prestigious, why is this? What marks the different between TAG, Omega and Breitling from a reputation point of view? Thanks
  10. The Omega Forum
    I inherited this watch, need help identifying it. It was given to my father in the early 70's(I believe) in Spain. My research hasn't come up with anything. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you
  11. The Omega Forum
    Hi guys. Some advice needed please. I really am needing to scratch a GMT itch that I have. I have always loved the Omega Seamaster 50th Anniversary GMT model which is of course discontinued now. I've been on the look out for a good condition, pre-owned watch and have been scouring the internet...
  12. The Swiss Vintage Forum
    Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can help me with some info on these 2 watches I'm looking at. Been trying to find info online but haven't had much luck yet. I'm curious about the model name, any history of the model, age, any guesses on value. 1) 1940's Longines. Pretty minimal in terms of...
  13. The Omega Forum
    Saw this on pinterest and love it, cant seem to find the specific model. Thanks guys
  14. The Omega Forum
    I would like to share a recent Omega experience to all who believe in the importance of after-sales service. A few weeks after purchasing my Omega Seamaster late last year, I noticed that the hour handle did not line up with hour markers at each hour point. I was prepared to live with that...
  15. The Omega Forum
    Hi all, After some scouring on the internet I have found this forum to be the best place to ask for help. Looking to buy a present for SO. I have found a Vintage Omega Ladymatic seemingly from 1960's. The supplied serial number is 565.002, searches on the Omega Vintage Database have returned...
1-16 of 93 Results