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  1. The Omega Forum
    I've had 3 tissots since arnd 6 years and was happy with them until i realised that these arent what real watches are.. then decided on getting the seamaster pro 300m quartz.. after goin to the omega boutique the bezel upon being pressed at the 30min marker was making some clicking sound, so...
  2. The Omega Forum
    Hi, I'm Marco from Italy and I'm new to this forum.:001_smile: I'm looking for some news about my Mother's Female Vintage Omega from last '60s or early '70s. (see attached pics) It was originally steel made (with its bracelet marked Omega and others) but Dad in last '70s brought it in Jewellery...
  3. The Omega Forum
    I discovered this forum yesterday when I tried to determine some history for an Omega Automatic watch that my mother gave me. It was her second husbands watch. I did as much research as I could online. Thank you to the members of this forum for your input. I ran accross a Omega Automatic...
1-3 of 3 Results