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  1. The Swiss Watch Forum
    Hi guys, first poster here. Definitely not knowledgeable about watches. I have an Edox watch for a few years now - a brand which seems fairly good to me. I've always liked it, still do and wear it very frequently since it's a comfortable watch, but I started wondering how good it actually is...
  2. New Member Introductions and Beginners Watch Forum
    Here is my current predicament. I've been a watch fan all my life, though at 23, we can't exactly call that an inordinate amount of time. My current watch collection is as follows Suunto Vector Military Suunto Ambit prototype watch Suunto Ventus Suunto Terra Tissot SomethingSomething (black...
  3. New Member Introductions and Beginners Watch Forum
    Hi All, I am quite new to high-end watches and have been learning about movements and and the precision/craftsmanship that goes into this devices. Being familiar with engineering, I must say that I am very impressed with these timepieces. I will soon be getting my first automatic (non-quartz)...
  4. Photography Forum
    Good day all! Here are a few shots I did for Carlos over at Prometheus. Enjoy!
  5. The Omega Forum
    I've had 3 tissots since arnd 6 years and was happy with them until i realised that these arent what real watches are.. then decided on getting the seamaster pro 300m quartz.. after goin to the omega boutique the bezel upon being pressed at the 30min marker was making some clicking sound, so...
  6. Watch Sales Forum
    For Sale Invicta Ocean Ghost Pro Diver 2299. This watch is in very good condition as you can see from the pictures. The crystal has no scratches. This is a beautiful big watch that wears very well. The bluing on the hands and hour markers is really pretty and rarely seen on watches in this price...
1-6 of 6 Results