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  1. The General Discussion Forum
    Just wanted to write a post describing the watches I saw while serving in the 101st Airborne. Almost every soldier wears a watch. Most wear a G-Shock. Officers wear the Suunto Core a lot, and NCOs like to wear the Garmin Foretrex on their IOTV or plate carrier (nobody wears it on their...
  2. The General Discussion Forum
    My video review for Trintec Zulu-7 Pro Aviators Watch.
  3. New Member Introductions and Beginners Watch Forum
    Hi, I've just inherited what I think is a WWW1 military pocket watch which is stamped with a three legged arrow head mark and the issue number 32129F. I'd appreciate any guidance on how I could trace the history of the watch. Who it was originally issued to and when would be interesting and...
  4. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    Hi guys, I was hoping that someone could help me identify this vintage military style Hamilton CLD manual wind watch I have recently purchased for $100 US off eBay. It's a gift for my father and I was hoping to learn a little more about it before I gave it to him. I can't seem to find another...
  5. The General Discussion Forum
    i picked this up on ebay a month ago but took a while to get to me here in manila from poland via the US. it's a cyma military wind-up, looks to be in great shape. the styling suggests to me that this came out of the '50s or '60s; i was unable to save the ebay pic where the back was opened and...
  6. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    my two seiko 5s. the blue one is slightly larger than the beige: not expensive at all at about $70 each, but they look great and get a lot of wrist time :) i like the glass backs and the webbed straps.
  7. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    Hello again guys & fellow Arnie admirers & collectors, it's good to be back with a close-up short study of the watch that Arnold wore in his Military drama action-packed film Commando. As some of you brothers from (Military Services) will naturally know & for the other forum members reading...
1-7 of 9 Results