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  1. The *Official* LÜM-TEC FORUM
    Would like to buy a tungsten Lum-Tec M24-25. Open to other models depending on price. I'm a Chef and need something bombproof. email at: John (dot) Hofmann (dot) IV (at) Looking forward to getting some responses (I'm in Southern California btw). Thanks.
  2. The *Official* LÜM-TEC FORUM
    I have an M39 pre-ordered, but I am really interested in the polished look of the tungsten case and want the 2824 movement while those are still available. I like the look of the carbon-fiber dial, but I wonder if it is too gimmicky. For those with carbon-dialed Lum-Tecs, what comments do you...
  3. The *Official* LÜM-TEC FORUM
    I've been wearing my new favorite watch, my M24, on a daily basis for the past two weeks. Last night I happened to notice that there's a round 2" bald patch on my left wrist. As someone well into my hair loss years, my first thought was, "Dang! On my arms, too?" But then I noticed that the...
  4. The *Official* LÜM-TEC FORUM
    I've always enjoyed rings and watches constructed from uncommon/exotic industrial materials. So I was really excited at first when I discovered the M8 some months back. And then I was quite irked when I found that it was no longer available. I tried to forget about it, but after three months...
1-4 of 4 Results