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  1. The *Official* LÜM-TEC FORUM
    Hi, I'm torn between the buying the C4 and the M18. From the pictures I prefer the look of the M18 partly due to the soft strap. However, despite being over 6ft i have girly thin wrists - 165mm circumference according to my tape measure and 60mm wide, so I'm worried the M18 will be over-sized...
  2. The *Official* LÜM-TEC FORUM
    I've been on the fence about purchasing an M18. I think the LUM-TEC watches look terrific, very striking. I read the thread detailing LUM-TEC's decision, after thorough testing, to amend the power reserve rating to 38-41 hours. I'm curious how durable the movement is, specifically how shock...
1-2 of 2 Results