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  1. The Android Forum
    Short and sweet preach....... Get it, as many colors as you can. PERIOD. (The included 3-slot travel zippered box was just an extra bonus, as I didn't know it came with it. Woo Hoo~) *Literally ran to the pitch-black bathroom and snap & run out. More appropriate lume shots (*Unfriggin...
  2. The General Discussion Forum
    Black Monster of course!... what were YOU thinking? :lol::lol::lol: Got here today, i know you all know how it looks like, but i took some pics anyways!! Enjoy :thumbup1:
  3. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    was recommended to this forum by another WIS and I must say you guys are a merry bunch! Hope to learn your ways and marvel the very amazing sets of watches.! till then here are some of mine. Most of them are not in original condition but still i like them a lot! Some cool lume shots...
  4. The Invicta Forum
    Alright, we have a "Show your LE Invicta" and "Pro Divers Rock!" Thread but not a lume shot Thread. So I made one. You can post your lume shots here with other watches if you like. But remember, to put a headline for the watches name or model No. Here are mine, from left to right. Invicta 9937...
1-4 of 4 Results