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  1. The Invicta Forum
    Hey everybody I just purchased my second invicta, and i bought the Russian Diver 1959. I love the watch, but the band is a bit too short. Does anyone have any extra links they may want to part with?
  2. The Rolex Forum
    Just a quick post. Took my GMT-Master II in for bracelet adjustment. Thought I'd need one link removed. Nope; just adjustment holes were enough. No charge (even if links had been removed). Very nice.
  3. The Invicta Forum
    has anyone removed the links from their watch bands, and if so, what tools did you use i have a grand diver and an ocean ghost and i need to take out a few links local watch store wanted $25 per watch to remove links, kind of think it's a bit high so i bought one of the tool kits on ebay...
  4. The General Discussion Forum
    Ok, so I'm an art student and currently taking a ceramic class, well I've decided im going to make a watch out of porcelain clay. My question is what would be the best way/tool/technique to make the pinholes in each link?? or best way to go about the whole watchmaking process...?? Please help?>
1-4 of 4 Results