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  1. The Invicta Forum
    Hey guys, I have this Invicta, model number 10048, all straps included as pictured. I’m wondering how much it would re sell for on the UK market. If anyone could inform me, and suggest a good place to sell should I consider selling. I could find any listings of this model online here in the UK...
  2. The Invicta Forum
    Hi Everyone... new to the forums. I just bought my first brand new Invicta Watch and was dissapointed to see this under the glass. Is this a common issue with Invicta watches ? It looks like left over residue from moisture :confused1:
  3. New Member Introductions and Beginners Watch Forum
    Hi everyone! I own about 60 Invicta watches, and have been collecting since I was 4 years of age. My Dad gave me an old pocket watch which did not work, but that didn't matter because it meant the world to me. I still have it to this day and will keep it in the same original non-working way...
  4. The Invicta Forum
    Hello, im new and joined because im looking for a watch, an Invicta pro diver I saw in a mall. It had "pro diver" on the case, with 3d number at the 12,3,6&9 position. It was a blue face watch with only the date with a matching band, rubber. It was in other colors also orange, and lime all with...
  5. The Invicta Forum
    Hello. Where can i find manual/instructions to use for Invicta Reserve Venom 6155 ? I've purchase yesterday this model, but i don't have any papers, i don't know to synchronize the digital time with the analog time, to change to chrono, to open the backlight...and other.
  6. The Invicta Forum
    Please let me know if anyone knows where I might find a great condition blue Invicta Lupah Triumph. Thank you all! Shaun
  7. The Invicta Forum
    Hello fellow Invicta fans. I was hoping to get some answers about these two watches. I have decided to buy my first "hopefully of many" arsenal/octane. But I can't firgure out the differences between these two watches. I know from doing some research there is a difference between arsenal and...
  8. The Invicta Forum
    Hi guys, i've had my eye on the i-force 0351 for 2 weeks now. Anyone have one of these? I love the style but i'm wondering if it's comfortable to wear daily? Appreciate any feedback, thanks!
  9. New Member Introductions and Beginners Watch Forum
    I'm pretty new to watches, and I'm looking for a very bold watch in the $200 - $300 price range. I have my eye on both the Seiko SNAA30 and the Invicta 17878, I was wondering which was better overall, or if there were any suggestions on even better watches. Thanks.
  10. The Invicta Forum
    Hello, I have a Invicta Reserve Venom 11708, and I need to know how do I remove the bezel. Follows the same mode of the rolex? In advance, thank you!
  11. The Invicta Forum
    It is not keeping time. I have heard of the 3 month repair process and I cant wait that long. Why is my second hand working, but the minute and hour hands aren't? The watch was bought brand new from World of Watches in May... I shouldnt be having these issues. Can someone advise me of my...
  12. New Member Introductions and Beginners Watch Forum
    Hello everyone, my name is Geronimo & I'm new to watch collecting/wearing. I just received my Invicta Men's 15205 Pro Diver and I had a couple of questions/concerns. As you can see by the photo the 24hr faceplate is slightly unglued and I was wondering if going to a watch repair shop is...
  13. The Invicta Forum
    Hey guys, im looking for a bulletproof watch, something with a full metal body, can be dropped and beat up over and over and still keep working, i need to be able to wear it everywhere i go, i work in attics, in the oil field, sometimes in the water, and when im working i always bang my watch...
  14. The Invicta Forum
    Has anyone tried the aftermarket metal bands, like the super engineer II, or anything similar? im curious to see what they look like on diff invicta watches and how they fit and what you guys think of them. LarryS
  15. The Invicta Forum
    Hey guys, My name is Larry and im new to the forum, I am new to watch collecting, currently have 4 watches in my box. I work with electronics by trade, modding by hobby and come to love watches and find some people like to mod what they have. I would love to see what people have done to mod...
  16. The General Discussion Forum
    don't need to write a lot... amazing watch
  17. The General Discussion Forum
    Hello all, I am a new member and have just built up an interest in watch collecting. I am a college student so I do not have a big budget. Right now i'm looking to pick up a nice watch for roughly between 100-250 dollars. I have currently been eyeing this AX 1192 watch. A|X Armani Exchange...
1-18 of 72 Results