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  1. The Hamilton Forum
    Hello I Inherited a watch from my grandfather that passed away he worked at a factory called Dana in Fort Wayne Indiana for many years The watch is a Hamilton thin-o-matic on the back of the case it says 25 years his name and 1980 It also shows 977878 on the back of the case and a *10K GOLD...
  2. The Hamilton Forum
    Hello - Can anyone help me identify the approximate year and the reference number/model of this Hamilton Thin-o-matic? Any other details you might be able to share would also be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. The Hamilton Forum
    I bought it on eBay. But I don't know the model number and name.😂
  4. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    Hello everybody. Last night I did some Internet research on the Hamilton Meadowbrook and found that this site was had more information available than anywhere else. Good on 'ya! I thought I send along a few photos of a watch that took possession of today, it's a Hamilton Meadowbrook. It...
  5. The General Discussion Forum
    I've had this watch for about 7 years now. It was my grandfathers before he passed away and bought it when they still lived in Greece. I've done some research as best I can but I've never been able to find anything really about it. I recently had it fixed with a new gasket and time (was running...
  6. The Swiss Watch Forum
    So I really like the Hamilton dress watches, mainly the Jazzmaster series but pictures on sales sites are so lacking in visual detail. Any of you guys own a Hamilton dress watch with a black dial preferable and how do you like it? Pictures are also very much wanted. Any hints on where to buy...
  7. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    Hamilton 14K Solid Gold Reardon "cld" Watch, enhanced 18-jewel, 748 center sweep seconds movement, dates to circa 1948 I have recently started dabbling into manual watches....and realized I was just missing on so much beauty for so many years... Only when wearing a mechanical chronograph one...
  8. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    Can someone tell me more abouth this model, how old it is and what is it worth?
  9. The General Discussion Forum
    In the 1960s as a child, I was given a Hamilton Glass Back wrist watch for Christmas. I only had it for a short time when it was stolen from my locker at school during gym class. I can find nothing online about this watch. Any help? Has anyone else ever seen one?
  10. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    I am interested in starting a collection of WWII military wrist watches, especially Hamilton + Omega US, British, or German Any information and or guidance to lead me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I am especially interested in learning about these watches Thanks!
  11. New Member Introductions and Beginners Watch Forum
    My friend, who died in 1979 at age 86, had a Hamilton Milton 982 watch. He wore it all the time-including while he was gardening. He passed away while wearing it. His neice gave the watch, case, and box to me soon after he died. All are in excellent condition. I have the guarantee as well...
  12. The Swiss Watch Forum
    I just got my fist mechanical watch - Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic. I users manual doesn't offer much guidance. 1. When self winding, how many turns on the crown? 2. Can it be overwound? 3. I bought it online, how can I verify authenticity? Thanks for any help and if you think there's...
  13. The General Discussion Forum
    We just took this one in on consignment. Been a while since I've been this excited about a watch - might have to buy this one and add it to the personal collection!!! :001_tt1: More pics: Hamilton Pan Europ Limited Edition – 1971
  14. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    Hi all, Although being a fan of watches and movements, I had never heard of Hamilton. Until last week! Sadly my grandfather past away in December. When visiting my grandmother last week, she asked me: “Aren’t you interested in watches? Your grandfather has a watch which hasn’t ran for 10 years...
  15. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    I acquired this watch after my Grandfather passed recently. I've searched this forum, and the internet for any information, to no avail. Any information anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance. Ray
  16. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    Hello all! I am new to the vintage collecting and have chosen Hamilton to be my brand of choice. Oct 2011 is when I started collecting and have picked up 11 watches all from eBay. Now i have learned that eBay is a hit and miss type cite with this type of item. My goal is to build a nice...
  17. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    my new hamilton khaki mechanical (38mm) arrived last week, along with a hirsch strap i ordered for it, and i think they look good together ;) it's a sporty break from all the vintage watches i usually wear.
  18. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    I have read the threads on the American Made watch companies, but I wanted to know when each one of the big US companies either switched to Swiss / China / Japan, or when the company went under. For example, from my research I understand that Hamilton stopped producing watch that we made in...
1-18 of 47 Results