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  1. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    Hey folks- Any leads on somewhere I could find a set of hands for a late 60s Hamilton GG-W-113 Mil issue? The lume dropped completely out of my hour hand, would really like to correct this. Thoughts? I appreciate any guidance. Looked online, didn't find any. -S
  2. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    Hi guys, I was hoping that someone could help me identify this vintage military style Hamilton CLD manual wind watch I have recently purchased for $100 US off eBay. It's a gift for my father and I was hoping to learn a little more about it before I gave it to him. I can't seem to find another...
  3. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    Hi Forum Members, We have uncovered about 24 watches from my great-grandfather's store and are trying to determine the best avenue for selling them. I would greatly appreciate your insight. The bulk of the watches are Elgin and Hamilton, both men's and ladies'. They are in their original...
  4. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    Hello all! I'm a young lady in California trying to find out more about my grandfather's watch. He's gone now, but I knew him well, and have a momento. He won this watch in a contest while an employee of the Oakland Tribune in 1940 (there's an inscription). It is a Hamilton watch, mechanic...
  5. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    Hey folks! I have a 1911 Hamilton Size 16 Railroad Pocket Watch. 972L Grade. # 1,322,820. It has a beautiful Montgomery face and is overall in excellent condition, except that it needs a mainspring, a couple of case screws and a minute hand. I found a mainspring, but am still missing the...
  6. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    Hello! I'm relatively new to your group.... Several years ago, I became aware that my great grandfather must have been something of a WIS. Sharing the trait, my mom has given me all of his collection...which includes several Hamilton/Elgin/Waltham pocket watches and surprisingly for the late...
1-6 of 7 Results