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  1. The Ball Watch Forum
    I am new to this site/forum but have been a Ball enthusiast for about 5 years. I have several Ball watches and am now interested in a few for my 76 year old mother. She too loves watches and with the added benefit of the tritium and waterproof characteristics, they will be perfect watches for...
  2. The General Discussion Forum
    Hi All! Just wondering what the rules are for new members posting a Rolex for sale? :confused1: I cant seem to find any sticky's about it... I tried to post in for sale and it doesnt allow me to... Thanks in advance! BlackhawksBrian
  3. The Rolex Forum
    Sorry if I am in the wrong area but I have a Tudor Tiger with the Yellow dial. Can anyone give me an idea what it might be worth ? It is recent vintage and still has the purple sticker on the back. I have worn the watch. Thanks for your help ! Gary
  4. Watch Sales Forum
    I am a fairly new Invicta collector. I am looking to buy these 5 models. If you any of them Id like to take them off your hands. PM with pics please. Thanks everybody! 1. Excersion Reserve Chrono 2. Offshore Russian Diver 3. Specialty Reserve Chrono 4. Sea Spider XL 5. any Russian Diver ***any...
1-4 of 6 Results