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  1. New Member Introductions and Beginners Watch Forum
    Hello, I'm new to posting in this forum, but I've been on it many times over the past few months. I'm having difficulty choosing a good starting point, and I'd like a little input. I'm aiming to keep the first around $1,000. So far, the biggest issue I'm having is one major variable...
  2. The General Discussion Forum
    Hi there everyone, Being my first post, and thread on Watch Talk I thought it would be fitting to ask for info on the following topic. Who was the 'first' to achieve various feats in watchmaking (ie first company to use certain case materials, chornographs, GMT, tachymeter, self winding wrist...
  3. The General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, I was just wondering how old you guys were when you got your first "real" watch; define that as you will, be it something mechanical, "high quality" etc, I think it's more of a personal definition than I can put to paper (or forum, as it were). So, your thoughts?
1-3 of 3 Results