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  1. The Patek Philippe Forum
    can someone tell me if this watch is a fake?
  2. The Swiss Watch Forum
    Hi, my husband has been given a watch by his Father that claims to be a Vacheron Constantin Chronograph, although as we do not know how to tell the difference and it was a gift to his Father several years ago, we would appreciate an experienced take on things. I have attached some photos -...
  3. The Omega Forum
    Real or Fake Omega Seamaster De Ville? If real, about how much is it worth, what year and was it redialed?
  4. The General Discussion Forum
    I received a Longines watch as a gift and can't seem to find any popular retailers that sell this model. Hoping that's not a bad sign... The back of the watch has "L4 291 8" and the tag says "L42918212". Should they match? Serial number is 34142751 (on back of case and tag). I love the watch...
  5. The Rolex Forum
    I am just wondering what is the best way to go when doing a private deal with a submariner, and you have the advance of having the watch in your hands. What would you look for as signs that the watch might be a fake. I know that the best way to check is also opening the case and looking at the...
1-5 of 8 Results