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  1. The General Discussion Forum
    eRelyx needs your help! We're doing some market research to help develop an eRelyx luxury watch trade-in service in partnership with brick & mortar retailers. Please assist us by taking a few moments to complete a VERY brief survey we have put together! Here is our link to the survey...
  2. The General Discussion Forum
    Hey WTF members- We are hosting a contest over at Rate My Timepiece. Post your watch by Friday, Jan 18th and you will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift certificate. Details below. Good luck!
  3. The General Discussion Forum
    Hi all- Curious to know your strategy for Buy-it-Now/Best Offer listings on eBay. Please vote it our poll. We will publish results in a few days. Click here to vote in the poll. If you want to discuss here, here are the options in the poll. 1. I offer a very low amount just to get the ball...
  4. The Omega Forum
    Any information on this Speedmaster? Reference number? Market value? Anything special about this particular model? Seems like it's from the late 90s. Thank you!
  5. The General Discussion Forum
    There have been many great debates throughout history: Blonde or brunette? Miller Lite or Bud Light? Boxers or briefs? Well, I'd like to start another debate: Blue or Silver? Which dial do you prefer on the Breitling Navitimer World (please try to vote independent of the strap/bracelet as...
  6. The General Discussion Forum
    One of our clients just dropped off this beautiful, rare watch - a pre-Daytona Rolex Chronograph 6238 with a Tiffany & Co. dial. Serial number dates it to circa 1958. We are going to try to work with Rolex and/or Tiffany to see if we can get some additional documentation on the watch. This is...
  7. The General Discussion Forum
    Hi all- We're doing a very quick survey to better understand luxury watch consumers. If you could help out, that would be great!! One respondent will win a $100 gift card. Click here to take survey. Thank you.
  8. The General Discussion Forum
    One of my favorite watches - which one do you guys prefer?? White or black dial? Would love to hear your thoughts in this thread - and/or feel free to vote in our poll: IWC Portuguese Yacht Club – Black or White Dial? Thanks.
  9. The General Discussion Forum
    I'm looking to add a SS/SS watch to my personal collection. I would like a white/silver dial. 40mm+. $2500-$5000. At the moment, I'm loving this Omega Speedmaster. What do you guys think? Other ideas? More Pictures Here.
  10. The General Discussion Forum
    2012 eRelyx Watch Madness is underway!! We selected 32 watches and matched them up in an NCAA-style tournament bracket. Starting on March 15th, your votes will determine the winner of each match-up. The watch with the most votes moves on to the next round. Ultimately, one watch will emerge...
  11. The General Discussion Forum
    According to the U-Boat website, "99% of watches sold on the web are counterfeit." Is that true? Or just a scare tactic? Would love to hear your thoughts. Read our thoughts here: U-Boat Claims that “99% of Watches Sold on the Web Are Counterfeit”
  12. The General Discussion Forum
    It's that time of year. eRelyx will be running "Watch Madness" to determine the most popular watch in the land! (Or the most popular watch of the 32 that we selected for the tournament). Click here for a preview. Sign up to receive a bracket - make your predictions - and win an eRelyx prize...
  13. The General Discussion Forum
    If you had to pick one brand, which one would it be - Rolex or Patek Philippe? Our poll results are a bit surprising - one brand is running away with it! Click here to vote and see the results! Our vote - Rolex - better overall variety of sport watches and dress watches. Although it's tough...
  14. The General Discussion Forum
    Just saw the Hoff wearing an interesting watch. Can anyone identify it?!?! (Yes...the picture is small, but that makes it more fun/challenging) Celebrity Watches on eRelyx - David Hasselhoff - TBD
  15. The General Discussion Forum
    We just took this one in on consignment. Been a while since I've been this excited about a watch - might have to buy this one and add it to the personal collection!!! :001_tt1: More pics: Hamilton Pan Europ Limited Edition – 1971
  16. The General Discussion Forum
    If you had to choose one brand, which one would it be? Panerai or Breitling? Vote in our poll and see the results. VS.
  17. The General Discussion Forum
    Has anyone ever seen something like this?!? This is a screen shot from an online retailer. Notice anything funny? Read our full blog here.
  18. The General Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone- We just posted a new poll on our blog. Curious to hear your take: Which brand do you prefer? Breitling or Tag Heuer?
  19. The General Discussion Forum
    Curious to get your thoughts on the Cartier Tank Anglaise. My thoughts - it's a nice watch, but doesn't get me excited. Read our blog: Cartier’s Newest Addition: The Tank Anglaise Thoughts?
  20. The Rolex Forum
    Curious to hear your thoughts - will women continue to wear 40mm Submariners, Daytonas, etc? Or will they revert back to smaller sizes? Personally, I think the oversized watch trend is here to stay. How can you argue with this:
1-20 of 48 Results