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  1. The General Discussion Forum
    i have have been searching high and low for a crown and stem replacement for my Seiko Divers 5H26-7A19 pepsi watch. Any ideas out there as to where i could find one? Jeweler said factory Seiko only and they would cost me $75 for the stem and $75 for the crown... for 1560 id get a new watch but...
  2. The Invicta Forum
    Hello, Does anyone know how much a Russian Pro Diver 5857 would cost? I'd like to buy one but don't know what the used going rate is and searching through ebay and amazon didn't give me any help. If you have some links to pricing that would be very helpful. thanks.
  3. The Swiss Vintage Forum
    Hi there, with the link below you will find a collection of Heuer watches and movements close ups in 3D. To see the stereoscopic effect you will have to use red/cyan glasses. I hope you´ll like it.[email protected]/sets/72157625708605101/
  4. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    The newest Grand Seiko Limited Edition has delivered... Grand Seiko Spring Drive Diver Limited Edition SBGA071 « AZ Fine Time Blog
  5. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    Another review has been posted on the AZ Fine Time Blog. I hope you enjoy... Citizen Scuba Fin 200m Diver « AZ Fine Time Blog We are also running a WTF special offer, so if you are interested, feel free to give us a call. Thanks!
  6. The Invicta Forum
    I thought I'd post this since I can't find this watch on Invicta's website anymore, I have it, and I think it's great! The watch is an Invicta 9538A: 40mm Titanium/Sapphire diver quartz chronograph that an ex-girlfriend got me around 2004/2005. I really like the way it wears, it doesn't pull...
  7. The Ball Watch Forum
    The short of the story is that I found someone who is local selling a Ball watch that appears to be in good shape and at a decent ask price. I have three questions: 1) what is a good price for this watch? It was apparently purchased in 2008 and has all documentation. The owner claims that...
  8. The Invicta Forum
    Just received my brand new Limited Edition Tungsten & Ceramic Pro Diver. Here are the specs: Brand Name: Invicta Model number: 1248 Part Number: 1248 Item Shape: Round Dial window material type: Flame Fusion Display Type: Analog Clasp: Deployment Case material: Stainless Steel Case diameter...
  9. The Invicta Forum
    Hi my name is rbreban, im 28 from PR. Today i received my first watch in my collection(i guess you cant call it a collection with just one). I am not rich, i will never own a Rolex or Patek Philippe not because i dont like them it's just because i will never be able to afford them. the only...
  10. Photography Forum
    Good day all! Here are a few shots I did for Carlos over at Prometheus. Enjoy!
  11. The General Discussion Forum
    I am looking for a distressed leather band for a diver. 22mm. I have seen some that I like, but they are over $200. I am looking to stay around $80 hopefully. Any suggestions please?
  12. The Invicta Forum
    So I took the plunge (pun intended) and bought a Pro Diver 9404! It just arrived today!! Out of the box it was too big for my wrist but luckily I have a buddy who works in the Sears watch dept who removed the links for me. I already love this watch! It has a great look and feel and it's nice...
  13. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    Hello my friends, Today was a nice day to check the mail at the local Post Office, the Temperatures here in Northern Central NY are somewhat Cooler today with a Slight breeze. I turned the Key & Opened the box to see a EMS package notification tag sitting there, mixed in with the rest of the...
  14. The General Discussion Forum
    The Seiko Arnie (H558) worn by the Man himself in 5 blockbuster films! The Seiko H558-5000 & H558-5009 Sport Divers watch in Film It's not every day that a watch such as the (Seiko divers watch) is seen in Films made for TV, but it's Grand history of use in films is well established, with...
  15. Watch Sales Forum
    Still consolidating. :001_tongue: Nevermind. Keeping it. :biggrin: Made by Seiko, 7S26 movement. US $125, shipped to US. C$125, shipped in Canada Bought from George R in April '09. Here it is on a black/ornge strap. It also comes with a SS bracelet
  16. Watch Sales Forum
    FS:Citizen "Eco-Zilla" 300 Meter(!) Professional Dive Watch Stainless Steel Band For Sale Citizen "Eco-Zilla" 300 Meter(!) Professional Dive Watch, very good condition, this watch is NICE . This is a truly manly, cool looking watch. It is big but it wears very comfortably. Model number...
  17. Watch Sales Forum
    This is a customized Invicta Grand Diver GMT. You won't find another one anywhere else. I bought this around the end of September, and have worn it few times. I am looking for something different, it's big for my wrist. I still have the receipt from ShopNBC and everything it came with. Though...
1-17 of 22 Results