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  1. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    on the back, it has : citzen watch co. water resist, base metal popg, 8000 s36548 hsb 561307 how much does it cost to buy one now?
  2. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    My grandmother gave me a Citizen Quartz watch recently. The Make on the screen is ''Citizen Quartz 5920 n55489 KA''. I just wondered if you would know how old it is, roughly? Does anyone know anything about this? Its silver (coloured), with a grey almost textured screen. On the back it says it...
  3. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    I'm working on a documentary about how a watch is made. The history segment of the documentary will talk briefly about the rise in popularity of quartz watches in the 1970s. I've been trying to find video and photos of 1970s watches by Seiko and Citizen, but it's been difficult. Are there any...
  4. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    After reading recent posts in this forum, I've fell in love with the Citizen Attesa ATD53-3011 watch. But now I discovered the equally or slightly more beautiful Citizen Exceed EBS74-5103. When you look at the pictures, the two watches are very much alike, both titanium and both H610 movements...
  5. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    Hello my friends, Today was a nice day to check the mail at the local Post Office, the Temperatures here in Northern Central NY are somewhat Cooler today with a Slight breeze. I turned the Key & Opened the box to see a EMS package notification tag sitting there, mixed in with the rest of the...
  6. Watch Sales Forum
    FS:Citizen "Eco-Zilla" 300 Meter(!) Professional Dive Watch Stainless Steel Band For Sale Citizen "Eco-Zilla" 300 Meter(!) Professional Dive Watch, very good condition, this watch is NICE . This is a truly manly, cool looking watch. It is big but it wears very comfortably. Model number...
  7. The Rolex Forum
    Can anybody please please help me.!!!!!I have 3 watches about 20 to 30 Years old can anybody please help me with some info Citizen info: quartz chronograph model no.Anoxxx caliber no.0510 gold Seiko info: quartz chronograph 8v20-7000 gold rolex info: oyster-perpetual day date gold with...
  8. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    hey guys im used to swiss chronographs and i just got a citizen and the chronograph runs verry difently from the chronographs im used to is this normal thanks in advance.:thumbup1:
1-8 of 8 Results