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  1. The Swiss Vintage Forum
    What a awesome site. :thumbup1: So I bought this back in 1981, at a small antique store, on my way back to Marine Corps base in 29 Palms. It was in a box with three other watch heads, and I wanted the Timex self winder. I wore the Timex through the rest of my enlistment. I was going through my...
  2. The General Discussion Forum
    Hi there everyone, Being my first post, and thread on Watch Talk I thought it would be fitting to ask for info on the following topic. Who was the 'first' to achieve various feats in watchmaking (ie first company to use certain case materials, chornographs, GMT, tachymeter, self winding wrist...
  3. The Omega Forum
    Hi all, If anybody can provide an ID for this (1960/70s?) Omega it would be much appreciated. My friend inherited it and I'd like to get some info without her having to remove the back. I think it would make a lovely looking watch with a little bit of TLC - 'simple clean lines' :cool1...
  4. The General Discussion Forum
    A new blog post of the Paul Picot Yachtman 3 Chronographs. Gorgeous pieces... Paul Picot C-Type Yachtman 3 Chronograph « AZ Fine Time Blog Thanks for checking it out!
  5. The Patek Philippe Forum
    Hello everyone, My name is Paolo Viviani, and I’m a University professor with a passion for PP watches deserving a “money is no object” attitude, which sadly I cannot afford to have. I'm being offered by a private individual this PP Ref 130 Cal 13 Chronograph: As shown, the watch was...
  6. The Android Forum
    40mm case size, 11mm thickness Stimulated stone textured dial ISA 8171.201 Chronograph Movement 22mm Mesh Bracelet Also available in Charcoal Dial
  7. The Invicta Forum
    I got my new-in-box 0078 in the mail yesterday. Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with it, and before I send it all the way back from Guam and wait for a replacement to come all the way back out, I was hoping someone could tell me if I'm just being an idiot and forgot something simple...
  8. The General Discussion Forum
    In 1998, Fortis produced the worlds 1st self-winding watch with not only a chronograph, but also a mechanical alarm. The extremely complicated movement was inspired by space specialists at the Star City Space Training Centre in Moscow. These complications were required by cosmonauts as they...
  9. The Longines Forum
    I got a Master Collection Moonphase Chronograph (L2.673.4.78.3) two days ago. I love how it looks, really ellegant. The problem is that after using the chronograph function a couple times, the seconds hand won't go back to zero (12 o'clock). After trying if it worked after a few more tries, all...
  10. New Member Introductions and Beginners Watch Forum
    Here is my current predicament. I've been a watch fan all my life, though at 23, we can't exactly call that an inordinate amount of time. My current watch collection is as follows Suunto Vector Military Suunto Ambit prototype watch Suunto Ventus Suunto Terra Tissot SomethingSomething (black...
  11. The Invicta Forum
    Nice Box I received the Invicta 1453 in a yellow pleather box that would be identical to a Rolex box if it was green or contained anything approaching quality. Instead it contained a heavy, gaudy, battery-powered chronograh with unreliable pushers, questionable materials, and a dial designed...
  12. The General Discussion Forum
    We're huge fans of the Tag Heuer Monaco Chronograph. But which one do you prefer - blue dial or black dial? Share your thoughts here or vote in our poll.
  13. Photography Forum
    Good day all! Here are a few shots I did for Carlos over at Prometheus. Enjoy!
  14. The Longines Forum
    Hey guys, I bought this Longines Diver's watch off ebay. Quartz. Not sure if its real... can someone ID this model? Many thanks in advance! Ray
  15. The Ball Watch Forum
    Hi, I would like to share this with you. Eight months after I bought an Engineer Hydrocarbon Chronograph, the seconds hand of the chronograph did not reset back to zero. I took it back to the retailer I bought it from to be repaired. After six weeks it came back and it worked fine for about a...
  16. The Invicta Forum
    Hello All, I enjoy this forum because I can speak freely about my Invicta watches and not have to worry or be criticized about my choices or insulted for the path that I chose. I enjoy collecting the Invictas (certain models) Pro Diver's and soon the reserve line. My next purchase will be a...
1-16 of 34 Results