christopher ward

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    Rolex GMT-MASTER 11 Model M series:116710LN – 0001 vs. Christopher Ward c60 trident pro 600 GMT This is a General Comparison overview, not a detailed breakdown of all properties.. Both purchased new c 2016 to 2017. Rolex Australian list price (if you list) $12000 6 yr warranty, CW list...
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    SOLD: Christopher Ward C9 Harrison GMT Automatic, LNIB An incoming means one has to go. I have to make this ruthless decision based on wrist time, meaning this beautiful, LNIB-condition C9 GMT Automatic has to go. Why less wrist time? Well, I thought I needed a dress watch more than I actually...
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    Judging from a google search of Christopher Ward am I correct to assume that the ONLY place to buy a new, authentic Chrisphopher Ward time piece is from the Christopher Ward web site? :blink: Salamat, Pennapolis
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    Hi all! Does anybody here own this watch or actually seen one in person? I've been looking for a sub homage for the last couple of weeks which has involved a lot of research. I also like the Boschett Ocean Mariner and Debaufre Ocean 1. Does anybody have any input on the relative quality of these...