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  1. The General Discussion Forum
    Hey everyone- You guys are usually great at this. Can anyone identify Amir Khan's watch? I tried to get a closer look but didn't want to get punched in the eye. Thanks!
  2. The General Discussion Forum
    I have to say...the man has good taste. More pics and a blog here.
  3. The General Discussion Forum
    Two of music's biggest stars. Two hot watch brands. Which watch do you prefer? 50 Cent's Hublot - here. Or Jay-Z's Audemars Piguet - here. (My vote - Jay-Z and the AP).
  4. The General Discussion Forum
    Would love to see a forum dedicated to Audemars Piguet - the brand is all the rage with celebrities these days. Check out the other celebs wearing AP.
1-4 of 4 Results