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  1. New Member Introductions and Beginners Watch Forum
    Hi there everyone! I am new to the site but not new to watch collecting! Over the years, I have owned a diverse range of watches & thinking about some of them that I have's a bit emotional!!, definitely some regretful sales! - does anyone relate to that? Anyway, I just wanted to say...
  2. The General Discussion Forum
    Hello I am somewhat new to the watch world and I am seeking information on specifically vintage watch bands. I have a ton but some are unique and I am looking to gain insight and knowledge about their type and design etc.. Such as the type of end pieces I have and clasp and brand quality or...
  3. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    Hi, Please, if you know, help me identify the correct size and or crystal number for this timepiece. 2423.11 movement in a 3840 case from 1978. I am happy with generic crystls, just wnt to order one and UV glue it in. Crystal is roughly 24mm x 26mm x 1mm. Thanks, Dan
  4. New Member Introductions and Beginners Watch Forum
    I discovered this forum while doing research on Bulova Accu-Swiss watches. I have been writing about watches for over a decade, with numerous articles written for iW magazine, and several posts for under the TZ Classics section (history of Zodiac, obscure Swiss brands, history of...
  5. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    Hey folks -- I just found a longtime diamond-in-the-rough, a 1977 Computron in great working condition. It's a single-button model, second-generation, with a 229 module. The more-common N6 has the two buttons and there's lots of documentation about them, but I'm having a heck of a time finding...
  6. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    Looking for a watchmaker to service / restore my Bulova Oceanographer "Devil Diver" Was wondering if anyone had a good recommendation for a watchmaker to restore / service my Bulova Oceanographer “Devil Diver”? I am semi new to watch collecting and don’t have a watchmaker who is good with...
  7. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    My Bulova is a little different from the C83755, this one has Genuine Leather, Stainless Steel, Water Resistant, it's my Bulova Legit?,How much this watch costs ? Btw srry for my bad english
  8. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    I cannot find info on this item. Found this vintage clock in my basement. Thanks.
  9. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    My father gave me a Bulova 92R25, it seems original but i'm having trouble finding information about the watch and it's value. Could someone help me? On the face, in the number 12 marker it has what it appears to be a small diamond, above the center it says Bulova Quartz and in the bottom it...
  10. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    Hi everyone, So over the years I have not spent much time on WTF in making or responding to threads. That is the first thing I wanted to change. But my confession is that I have been a fan of vintage bulova watches in the dark. To be honest I didn't even know that any forums had a sub...
  11. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    Hi all, I am new to this forum, so excuse me if I post something that has been discussed before. I searched but did not find an answer to my question. But let me first start with myself. I am 47 yrs old and live in the EU. In my watch collection I have a lovely 1967 Spaceview and, since today...
  12. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    Hi, I am new to this forum and to watches in general, so I apologize for the newbie questions, but I am thinking about getting a new watch as my birthday is coming up. I am trying to decide between three Bulova sport watches: the 98B203, 98B204, and the 98B205. Right now, I am drifting towards...
  13. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    Hi there, with the link below you will find a collection of SpaceView close ups in 3D. To see the stereoscopic effect you will have to use red/cyan glasses. I hope you´ll like it.[email protected]/sets/72157625708605101/
  14. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    Hello all; I have Bulova Millennia automatic 98G56 which is in need of repair. I was wondering about the movement, and if I could buy a used watch off eBay to get the parts I need to have it repaired locally rather than ship it off to Bulova. Any thoughts?
  15. New Member Introductions and Beginners Watch Forum
    Hello, I'm new to watches and I have two Bulova Accutrons. They look identical, one black, the other one brown in color. The brown one has a date code stamped on the back "M6", the black one has all the markings of the brown one except NO DATE CODE. So my question is, how rare is it, is it...
  16. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    My grandfather passed along a Bulova Accutron, 14 kt gold case, M9, with a serial number number beginning with the letter G. Any help identifying the model?
  17. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    Hello, This Bulova I have since today in my collection, but I do not know anything about it. It is 14kt gold and what I read about it it is a very rare model. I changed this watch for a Rolex Precision stainless steel. I want to know if this is worth it, because I like gold watches. Thanks...
1-17 of 39 Results