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  1. Breitling
    Hi guys my grandfather recently passed and I inherited his watch and i am just here to ask does this look real or fake and he wasn’t a man of money and didn’t come from money so I was just curious
  2. The General Discussion Forum
    I have not always been a fan of Brietling but with this comparison I think they might be growing on me. Omega is a strong company and I have always been a huge fan of their Speedmaster collection, but that is why I give so much praise to the Superocean right now. It has such a simplified dial...
  3. The Tag Heuer Forum
    Hi I'm looking to buy a luxury watch for my father. People speak about TAG not being as prestigious, why is this? What marks the different between TAG, Omega and Breitling from a reputation point of view? Thanks
  4. The General Discussion Forum
  5. The Swiss Watch Forum
    I'm trying to find the short spring bars that fit the pilot bracelet used on the 43.7mm Chronomats (22mm at lugs). When doing a strap change, I lost one. There are two spring bars that are located where the polished hinge that says BREITLING meets the clasp. I've spent hours looking online and...
  6. The Swiss Watch Forum
    Hello, i want to buy a Breitling Jupiter Pilot 1988, but i'm not an expert and I don't want to buy a watch that is fake. Of course I read a lot of forums, but I don't know it for sure. Hopefully anybody can help me and specially if there's something that you think it's fake. Thanks in...
  7. The General Discussion Forum
    If you had to choose one brand, which one would it be? Panerai or Breitling? Vote in our poll and see the results. VS.
  8. The General Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone- We just posted a new poll on our blog. Curious to hear your take: Which brand do you prefer? Breitling or Tag Heuer?
  9. The General Discussion Forum
    RED WATCH POLL - Cast your vote now! Which red watch would you buy? COMPARISON CHART
  10. The General Discussion Forum
    Recently I came across an editorial in the luxury magazine "Departures" titled "KEEP TIME WITH RED WATCHES. Being enthralled with high-end watches with bold, red accents myself, and having seen a tremendously positive response to our HURRICANE CX Swiss Military Watch model in RAF red, I wanted...
  11. The Swiss Watch Forum
    Hi all, first time posting in this forum. I hv a enquiry, hope some experts here could help out. I hv a breitling rattrapante 69, model a69360. The cheaper version of the limitee series with 600 pcs limited. I can't seem to find the exact dimension of the bezel online, so anyone out there cud...
  12. The General Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone! I'm completely new to this forum and hoping that you guys could provide some expert advice. I'm looking to purchase a watch for my fiance as my wedding gift to him and could really use some guidance on which brand (and model) is better. I've read several discussions that have said...
  13. The Swiss Watch Forum
    Hello, I'm new to this site, but I thought I would post a short note. Just got my first high-end watch; a Breitling Navitimer World. As a professional pilot, this is pretty much my dream watch (I also considered the Cosmonaut and the Omega Speedmaster moon watch. The IWC Big Pilot Watch is...
  14. The General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, i am a new member but have been a frequent reader for quite some time. Lots of knowledge in here! I am looking for your advice on buying my first really quality watck. I am planning to spend approx. 5000 USD and i am looking for something classy and classical, (i think). I have had my...
  15. The Swiss Watch Forum
    :confused1: Can anyone weigh in on what they think of both of these beautiful watches? I like the Breitling. It's big, masculine lines and great face. But with Jaeger lecoultre Reverso within the same price range, I can't decide. Help sway me one way or the other. The JLC has more of a wow...
  16. Watch Sales Forum
    FS: Breitling Avenger Skyland Men's Watch *SOLD* Hey there, after much consultation, I've decided to sell this amazing watch as I'm in need of cash to buy a new car in the summer. I just had it polished so it looks phenomenal and I'd rate it conservatively at 96%. Here are some technical...
  17. Watch Sales Forum
    Hi guys, I've made the decision to sell my Colt, very sad times :sad: However, that just means that someone else gets the chance to own this gorgeous watch! Watch ref: A74380 The watch is in very good condition, with some minor scratches around the clasp. Original box, certificates and...
  18. Watch Sales Forum
    FOR SALE!!! BREITLING CROSSWIND SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION #125 OF 1,000 MODEL # B44356 Here's your chance!! The Crosswind Special Limited Edition doesn't come around for sale much, and almost never in this condition. Only 1,000 of these were made, and this is example 125. Considered by many to...
1-18 of 21 Results