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  1. The Invicta Forum
    hi guys, i´v being trying to replace the batt of this watch , and i´v the problem that i´v to remove the band previously. I cant have access to the screws, i dont know how to do this.:mellow::mellow::mellow::mellow: someone had tried it ?
  2. The Watch Straps, Winders & Accessories Forum
    I love my Invicta 2877, but it's short one band link. The 2876 is the same link. Anybody?
  3. The Invicta Forum
    Hey everybody I just purchased my second invicta, and i bought the Russian Diver 1959. I love the watch, but the band is a bit too short. Does anyone have any extra links they may want to part with?
  4. The Swiss Watch Forum
    This is a nice band that perfectly matches the design of the Pebble Steel. It is not as heavy as I thought it would be, but that is a good thing. I am used to bands of this caliber having half links. There is also no minor adjustments on the on the closure mechanism. Since there are no half...
  5. The Invicta Forum
    Has anyone tried the aftermarket metal bands, like the super engineer II, or anything similar? im curious to see what they look like on diff invicta watches and how they fit and what you guys think of them. LarryS
  6. The Ball Watch Forum
    For youe evaluation a strap that I constructed from 2 different straps + etching with Ball name. It took me about an hour (etching was done separately in a trinket shop). Best of all - it sits very comfortably on my wrist. Thank you for looking.:thumbup1:
  7. The General Discussion Forum
    I am looking for a distressed leather band for a diver. 22mm. I have seen some that I like, but they are over $200. I am looking to stay around $80 hopefully. Any suggestions please?
  8. The *Official* LÜM-TEC FORUM
    Wrist shot of my Combat B2 on Black PVD Band. It's been a while, time to share for the holidays! Everyone post their wrist shots!
  9. The *Official* LÜM-TEC FORUM
    Does anyone know where I can get a rubber strap with a PVD buckle? Thanks, dmg
  10. The Invicta Forum
    has anyone removed the links from their watch bands, and if so, what tools did you use i have a grand diver and an ocean ghost and i need to take out a few links local watch store wanted $25 per watch to remove links, kind of think it's a bit high so i bought one of the tool kits on ebay...
1-10 of 11 Results