accutron 214

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  1. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    I just got my 1963 space view 214, and I have the hour and minute hands set correctly but my second hand is about 40 seconds behind my phones clock which I was trying to set it to. Is there any way to set the second hand, it just kept sweeping when adjusting the other hands.
  2. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    Hello, I've been told that the Accutron watch that I have does not have the correct case back on it. I'm looking to you, the experts to help me in my quest for information on if this case back is original to this watch or not. I've been told that this is the "B" case watch and that the "B"...
1-2 of 2 Results