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  1. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    How accurate should my new Accutron 65B001 be? I just purchased a week ago and on my drive to work I've been comparing into to the time on my Iphone. Now my Iphone doesn't have a seconds read out, but at first they seemed to be synced up pretty good. As the week went on I realized that my...
  2. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    Finally got my new Accutron 65B001. I've been looking for a new watch for quite some time, been trying on tons of different models and brands. I knew I wanted this model as soon as I tried on model number 65B123, the fit and size of the watch were perfect. I choose this model over the...
1-2 of 2 Results