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  1. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    Just in today from New York a really neat 6309-7040. Been after one of these for a while now and with the help and honesty of Jim (Poseidon-Jim) I finally got my hands on one. These are an awesome watch and really make you wonder why Seiko changed the case design, the 6309 cushion case is so...
  2. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    Hello guys, Well finally after winning this grail over a month ago, she's on her way from the Seiko Service center in Tokyo Japan to me here in New York. She's an all original Seiko automatic 6309-7290 150m Diver from eons ago, but having been hardly worn at all by the Original owner & still...
  3. The Japanese & Asian Watch Forum
    was recommended to this forum by another WIS and I must say you guys are a merry bunch! Hope to learn your ways and marvel the very amazing sets of watches.! till then here are some of mine. Most of them are not in original condition but still i like them a lot! Some cool lume shots...
1-3 of 4 Results