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  1. The Omega Forum
    Have zero experience buying watches. Have my sights set on a 300M GMT. There are no AD's within 200 miles of me so I sent an email to an Omega boutique in Chicago and an AD in Louisville. Both quoted me $4050.00 for the watch. I was thinking that there might be a difference due to the cost...
  2. The Omega Forum
    This is probably a rookie question, but I can't seem to find a reference number on this watch listed in ebay. I asked the seller and he said there's no reference # on his international warranty card.... Is this a fake? Or rare? Please fill me in!!! Thanks a lot :biggrin: Link: EBAY
  3. Watch Sales Forum
    FS:Citizen "Eco-Zilla" 300 Meter(!) Professional Dive Watch Stainless Steel Band For Sale Citizen "Eco-Zilla" 300 Meter(!) Professional Dive Watch, very good condition, this watch is NICE . This is a truly manly, cool looking watch. It is big but it wears very comfortably. Model number...
1-3 of 5 Results