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  1. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    Hamilton 14K Solid Gold Reardon "cld" Watch, enhanced 18-jewel, 748 center sweep seconds movement, dates to circa 1948 I have recently started dabbling into manual watches....and realized I was just missing on so much beauty for so many years... Only when wearing a mechanical chronograph one...
  2. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    just acquired this unique piece?? anyone know the model name??
  3. The Accutron-Bulova-Caravelle Forum
    I have an Accutron watch 14K gold case with gold bracelet that I got from my late father. I wonder if someone can tell me how old is this model? How much it worth?
  4. The American Vintage Watch Forum
    Not sure this warrants a whole new thread; maybe we can put it down as another "incoming" thread. I was surprised to to find that Hamilton's c1957 casino watch has not been mentioned to date in this forum. Having just 'accidently' won the auction for this number I thought I'd better add the...
1-4 of 4 Results