Hi there,

A while back i was posting some concepts for my watch and got some good responses from it, unfortunately it worked out a little too expensive to do at the time. Now we have managed to build a Swiss quartz chronograph version of the watch and will soon be launch via a well known crowdfunding site. Below are the three options we will be offering in their 3D rendered state, the prototypes are about to be sent so some pictures of those will be available soon and on the website. If you are interested or have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me either on here or via the contact form on the website. If you like the watch then please submit a contact form under the Tourer II tab on the website.

The watch will be driven by a Ronda 3520.d movement and the face diameter will be 42mm. The watch is unique in that it represents a vintage speedometer with its bullhead design and the scale for reading the time is 10-120 KPH as opposed to 1-12. It is a nice and chunky timepiece coming in at 14mm thickness, not too thin and not too thick.

Again, if you are interested then please submit a contact form on our website Â*BOSTON & STEWILL - Untitled to be notified when the watch becomes available via a leading crowdfunding site.

Many Thanks

William Boddy
Boston & Stewill Founder