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Thread: Dual Time Zone Watch Help Needed!

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    Default Dual Time Zone Watch Help Needed!

    Hi everyone,

    I am a full-on watch newbie, and I have an oddly specific watch that I'm looking for. I'm moving away from my girlfriend for ~2 years (I'm going to Europe, she's in the US) and I want to get a dual time-zone watch and get it engraved for her. She has pretty particular tastes and prefers surprises, so I want to get it just right without having to ask her.

    What I'm looking for is an elegant, subtle watch with two time zones (with two faces or a face within a face, etc). It should be able to be worn both at work in an office, and casually around home or out with friends. She prefers gold or rose gold to anything silver or chrome, and round faces to squares or elongated rectangles. The price range would ideally be ~$300 or lower, but I don't want something cheap. I will spend more money if it's the only option.

    So far the closest match I can find to what I need is the Kitmen Keung "Long Distance" watch (gold). It's unisex, elegant and subtle, but it has a lot of engraving on the back already (so no room for a personal touch) and it's $420 (will spend that much for the best option if necessary). I've seen ebay listings for things that look pretty nice but I want new and reputable.

    Kitmen Keung - Shop

    I would be very grateful for any leads or hints from this forum. Just a place to start would be helpful! Feel free to reply here, or send me a personal message!


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    Here's a couple of suggestions.

    1. First is a Rotary. It has two faces that can be switched. Rotary EGS0024-TZ2-05-21 Watches,Evolution TZ2 Blue/Silver Textured Reversible Dial Black Genuine Leather, Luxury Rotary Quartz Watches

    2. Second is a Victorinox Maverick. Men's watch, but if she isn't tiny, 43mm might work if she likes bigger watches Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick GS Dual Time Mens Watch 241440

    3. A women's Invicta. Nice entry level watch with a GMT function http://www.amazon.com/Invicta-6891-C...ds=gmt+watches

    4. Michael Kors. 43 mm. I'd buy an Invicta over this, but.... Amazon.com: Michael Kors Runway GMT Champagne (World Globe) Dial Yellow Ion-plated Watch MK5960: Michael Kors: Clothing

    5. Bulova Accutron, just outside your price range. http://www.amazon.com/Bulova-Accutro...s=accutron+gmt

    6. Stuhrling, 42mm. Stuhrling Original 'Galassia' Dual Time Zone Salmon Watch | Overstock.com Shopping - The Best Deals on Stuhrling Original Men's Watches

    7. A Skagen Skagen Women's Dual Time Zone Watch - Belk.com
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    Take a look here too:

    Ladies’ Watches | Signature Collection Luxury Timepieces for Women | Philip Stein

    Phillip Stein watches can usually be purchased through various online vendors at significant discounts.


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    I have thoughts on this - some are not watch thoughts - but a question first: how old are you Nate? How old is your girl?

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