Rich text editor, vB_Editor_QE_1_editor, press ALT 0 for help. I received this LeCoultre (Le Coultre) watch from my late-uncle, I have held on to it for a while but want to consider selling it.

I am looking for anyone that can:

1. Help confirm its identity, provide any more details to its history

2. Tell me a price range it will sell for this year



I believe this "LeCoultre" brand gold watch is from the 1960s sold in the US. Here's a bit more info for the basis of my early conclusion:
The Vacheron/LeCoultre association started in 1938, when the Vacheron Constantin became part of the SAPIC holding company which controlled Jaeger-LeCoultre, Longines and Wittnauer. In 1940, one of the SAPIC directors, Georges Ketterer, purchased a majority stake in Vacheron Constantin from Charles Constantin. Ketterer's relationship with Jeager-LeCoultre resulted in a new direction for Vacheron. Vacheron began buying raw ebauchés from JLC to place in Vacheron watches instead of using the in-house Vacheron-manufactured movements.

At approximately the same time, JLC was looking for a way to enter the U.S. market with their watches. They were already distributing their Atmos clock to the U.S. under separate agreements with Jaeger and Cartier, but had no sales force in the U.S. to market their broad line of high-quality watches. In 1939, Vacheron was given a non-exclusive license to market the Atmos in the U.S.

Since Vacheron was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Longines-Wittnauer at the time, it wasn't long before a relationship was forged between JLC and Longines-Wittnauer to sell and distribution JLC watches (under the "LeCoultre" brand) in the U.S. The raw LeCoultre movements would be imported into the U.S. under the pre-existing VXN import code registered to Vacheron. Once in the U.S., the The Longines-Wittnauer company would arrange for U.S. casemakers (such as Star, Apex, Wadsworth, S&W or others) to produce the cases to JLC's specifications. The watches were then assembled and timed and distributed through the Longines-Wittnauer/Vacheron dealer network in the U.S. under the LeCoultre name.

Also see Wikipedia Jaeger-LeCoultre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia section "LeCoultre in North America"

Watches sold in North America were sold under the LeCoultre name from 1932 to approximately 1985. After that the Jaeger-LeCoultre name was adopted uniformly worldwide. According to factory records, the last movement to be used in an American LeCoultre watch shipped out of Le Sentier in 1976.