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    One can't imagine my elation in even seeing a picture of a Bulova Accuquartz I received for high school graduation in 1972. A member named Just1More, I believe, has the photo: A stainless steel bracelet, two-tone blue face (perhaps the left one-sixth is lighter than the main blue), the tuning fork and diamond at 9 o'clock, the stem at 4 o'clock. Can anyone identify this accuquartz by a name or number? Or know of a collector, afficionado, heck, even a pawn shop, that might have one? I've looked for years on the Internet, describing the watch in any way I can. Mine was purchased at the Post Exchange at the former Fitzsimons Army Medical Center in Aurora Colorado in May 1972. Please help. I look forward to hearing from any or all. Phil -- [email protected]

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    First, out of curiosity, what happened to the one you had ?

    I have 3 Accuquartz watches that I bought on ebay, they aren't very scarce, and I think I recall seeing blue dial ones though I don't see one there right now. The different color on the left side of the dial with a small diamond is not at all unusual. Two of mine have that. Here's one with a silver and brown dial and the other one has a silver and gray dial.

    Maybe someone will know where to find a blue one but I would think that one would show up on ebay before too long.

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    Welcome to the forum! The Accuquartz has turned into one of my favorite Accutron calibers. I now have 7.5 Accuquartz watches. The ".5" being one that started it's life as an Accuquartz but was later converted with a plain old quartz movement after Bulova no longer supported Accutron tuning fork movement repair. The Accuquartz movement was the last Accutron movement Bulova designed and, properly regulated, can be VERY accurate at + or - 3 minutes/year.

    The watch Skypilot showed sounds like the style of dial (face) you are describing, just with different colors. I had one like that but re-sold it last year because the case wasn't in very good condition. I have been watching Accuquartz listings on ebay for almost a year and don't recall seeing that dial in the blue you describe. Doesn't mean it wasn't produced or isn't out there somewhere, though. Bulova produced an almost unlimited number of variations on these watches with some not even appearing in their catalogs. One option for you would be to find the case design you want and have the dial refinished to the color specs you designate. These watches were produced in variations of Day/Date, Date only or neither.

    If you haven't already done so, do a search on eBay for "Bulova Accuquartx watch" and bookmark it. Revisit the listings a few times every week to see what is being sold. One in excellent condition and already serviced would be your best bet but those are more rare to find. Finding an Accuquartz 224 service tech may be even more difficult than finding a tech to service 214 or 218 version Accutron movements. I use a guy in Bulgaria that knows how to service them and has the parts and equipment required to do so. My preference is for stainless steel cases as these cases may be polished to a new look unless scratches are deep. Even light scratches on the crystal can be polished out. Most gold color cases were electroplated over base metal and don't hold up all that well if worn a lot. Some cases were solid gold but are now VERY expensive.

    My Accuquartz collection:
    The first is gold plated and unusually large. Kinda ugly but unusual-

    This is my set of "Twins". The left one is a real Accuquartz, the other a quartz converted Accuquartz - notice it's 2-letter Day wheel. The dials are like you describe but in gold tones. Both watches were "built up" with used movements placed in NOS cases-

    This one is "New Old Stock" (NOS) and exceptionally accurate-

    This one has an asymmetrical case and a dial like you describe but in different colors-

    This Accuquartz was presented to the retiring President of Niagara University by the grads in 1975. It is unusual because of it's massive case and crown at the 3 o'clock position. Most Accuquartz crowns are at the 4 o'clock position-

    The last has a beautiful "Tiger Eye" blue dial. Both case and crystal have been polished to a virtually new look-
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