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Thread: At A Loss For Words...

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    Cool At A Loss For Words...

    Gentlemen, I am speechless!

    See below for the short version:

    (Long version)

    A few weeks ago, I decided to give my Seasmaster a break. I'd worn it every day for two years and the bracelet was showing it. That's when I decided to buy another watch. I originally bought a cheap Casio and then became acquainted with Orient. I ended up buying about 10 different watches ranging from Victorinox to Seiko and Orient. All of these watches are great in their own right, but deep down inside, I wanted another luxury watch.

    When I first looked into buying an Omega, I was torn between the Seamaster and Speedmaster. I wanted the Seamaster because of James Bond but I liked the history behing the Speedmaster. Anyhow, a few weeks ago I decided I was going to save up for the Moon to Mars Edition. I mentioned it to my fiancee and at first she was against the idea of me buying "another watch." I explained the history behind it and while she thought it was cool, she was against the idea because it could be money used on the wedding

    Either way, I was planning on saving up the money from quarterly and year end bonuses at work, it would just take me much longer to acquaire my grail this way. Last week, we went to the Beverly Center where they just happen to have an Omega Boutique We went in and were greeted by a nice young man who was eager to help. I immediately flocked to the Speedmaster section and spotted my grail. The guy brought it out and insisted I try it out. It fit perfectly! I joked with my fiancee that it was waiting for me We walked around some more and I spotted the Omega cufflinks. The guy mentioned that he would throw in the cufflinks if I bought the watch right there. In the end we didn't get it because it's too much, with no chance of a discount. I did leave with some nice catalogs from Omega though.

    Fast forward to later that week. I called around a few ADs and was quoted the same price as Omega. They mentioned if I went by their stores, they would be willing to work with me on the price. I remember reading a post from Ulackfocus stating that he went to his AD with printouts from reputable online dealers and was able to price match. I printed out some prices from reputable online stores and brought that along. On my last call, the AD quoted me the retail price well below MSRP. I triple checked to confirm it was the correct model and he confirmed. It sounded too good to be true, so I called back three times on different days with fake accents to ask the price and it was the same

    Today, I told my fiancee my plan and she seemed to agree that I should buy it that way. We went to the AD and sure enough he had it tagged below Omega's price. In the end, I got it at a price that beat out the reputable online stores, inclusive of taxes. I told him I wanted to put some money down on it and he agreed. Little did I know my fiancee spoke to him on the side as I was looking at the P.O. with the Shark strap to let him know she would buy it right then and there.

    After a few minutes later, the guy tells another worker to get the box for the watch, I figured they were going to put it away in the back. When he asked me to try it on again so he can resize it, I thought to myself it was odd because I could easily put on a few pounds by the time it's paid off. Apparently he only tightened it and did not resize it, he asks me if I want to wear it out. "Did they run my credit?" I thought. "But I haven't even given them my full name." He looked over at my fiancee and smiled. She looks at me with a big smile and says, "surprise, it's yours."

    I made out with her right then and there the guy put it back in the bag and then gave us marriage advice I only put it on for a wrist shot but, boy I can't take my eyes off this watch.

    (Short version)

    My fiancee bought me my grail, The Omega Speedmaster From the Moon to Mars (3577.50) today. It came as a total shock, we went to an AD so that I can put a down payment on it and have it within 6 months or so, when lo and behold she took out her credit card and BAM! I was having it sized for my wrist. I am completely speechless!!!

    Here are the pics:

    Sorry for the long winded post, I know I contradicted myself with the title of this thread and then typing a mini novel; I'm sure you understand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EDiTOR9 View Post
    Sorry for the long winded post, I know I contradicted myself with the title of this thread and then typing a mini novel; I'm sure you understand.
    You're excused.

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    great acquisition and even better story!!
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    Default A great story...

    you can tell your children. Congratulations!
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    Lovely watch and a lovely fiancee !. You better save up the extra cash to treat her to a wonderfull honeymoon. All the best.

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    Awesome story. Congratulations on both "acquisitions", they're obviously keepers.

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    The nice thing about the Speedmaster Professional Moon Watches is that the various models call out to their owners to say, "I'm the one"
    When you get the calling, you know it is meant to be.

    This was my calling and I still love it.

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    Great story, I'm glad that you shared it with us. It must have felt wonderful to actually walk out with it on, you are lucky in many ways there!! A keeper watch and a keeper fiancee!!

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    Congratulations on a wonderful new watch. Your fiancé' sounds like a gem:)
    Best wishes,

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