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Thread: Vintage Speedmaster Pre Moon help needed

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    Default Vintage Speedmaster Pre Moon help needed

    I am interested in a Vintage Speedmaster - a pre moon ideally. This is for 2 reasons - I want something genuine which from what little I have read means getting something from approx 1965 the Pre-Professional 105.003 Ed White watch. There are other models - the 105.012 and 145.012, but the 105.003 is what I understand to be 'the grail watch'. The second reason is what attracted me to the Speedmaster is its link to Space exploration. I intend to wear the watch on a fairly regular basis - once a fortnight in an office environment so it shouldn't degrade.

    I have found dealers selling these watches and would like the following help - what should I expect to pay for a pristine example and exactly why / how special / rare are these watches. I have found dealers in London with them for approx £3,500, while another has one for £7,000 and doesn't seem to be able to explain why his watch is so much more. I will grant him that his is in exquisite condition, but given part of the reason for my interest in a vintage watch is as a future investment - 10-20 years, I don't see why his is worth so much more. A brand new moonwatch in the Omega boutique is 'only' £2190, so I don't see why there is quite that margin of difference, especially when the dealer couldn't give any special reason.

    Information about valuing / understanding the value would be most welcome. I am also considering a Montblanc Timewalker TwinFly, mainly because the design pleases me, but I don't want to dismiss the Speedmaster too early.

    Please help!

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    My initial advice is take plenty of time and wait until the right watch at the right price comes along (from a 'known' seller with a return option if you're not satisfied), and then move quickly and aggressively as there will be others like yourself in the hunt. Also sure you also 'buy the seller' because a reputable person is more likely to be honest and transparent about the true condition of the watch.

    As an example, I spent ~2 years reading, researching and regularly monitoring all the usual websites with the aim of establishing the market's asking prices for a the '67 c321 145.012 (it's a birth year thing). After a while, I built up a feel for the various model-vs-condition-vs-price scenarios. Then earlier this summer, one in great condition came up for sale in Scotland with an asking price of £2,600 from somone well known on TZ-UK -- and we sealed the deal.

    Other factors to consider as well are:

    * Original hands & dial, or go with service options (advantages & disadvantages to either option)
    * Pre-pro have an additional premium
    * Ebay sales prices have a 10% premium (if not more) because of the typical Ebay/PayPal levies.

    Here's a few pics of the watch I recently purchased...


    PS: You probably know this, but here's a useful scraper to keep an eye on Speedmaster sales...

    Elite Deal Seeker

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    Default Thanks!

    Thank you so much for your reply. It was very detailed and has really helped me. I have found a local dealer with a 105.003 and a 145.012 to view which I will take a look at. I have come to the conclusion the London dealer's £7,000 asking price was far too high. The local dealer is offering excellent condition watches for around £2,500 which seems much more realistic.

    I will take my time and see what happens.

    Thanks again.

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